Plataforma Storyboard GUI de Crank actualiza ventiladores para combatir COVID-19

Crank Software's Storyboard GUI design platform enabled Ventec to update the VOCSN critical care ventilator with preset ventilation functions, an update that aims to better serve the needs of front-line medical professionals battling Covid-19.


Crank Software recently helped Ventec Life Systems make improvements to the VOCSN critical care ventilator design. Using the GUI development platform built into Crank Software's Storyboard, Ventec added additional functionality to the fan touch screen. The project supported a partnership with General Motors to deliver 30,000 critical care ventilators to the United States National Reserve.s.

Ventec has been a Crank customer since 2013, using their Storyboard GUI design platform for their advanced respiratory systems. Storyboard software powers all graphics and touch sensitive buttons and presets thrown into the display of the 18-pound VOCSN multi-function fan, a press release reported. Storyboard's rapid prototyping and design tools helped Ventec update the graphical user interface in less than 30 days to provide software with preset ventilation functions to better serve the needs of front-line medical professionals fighting COVID- 19.

"We continue to trust Crank because it makes updating the user interface very easy. We are constantly innovating, and the Storyboard allows us to adjust graphics and optimize animations with great ease, with little to no impact on our product development cycles." explained Michael Holmes, chief software engineer for Ventec Life Systems, in the statement. "In fact, our users often comment on how much they like the touch screen interface and how quick and easy it is to set up."

Brian Edmond, President of Crank Software, added: "We are proud that Storyboard played a critical role in helping our customer quickly change the design of their graphical user interface, ensuring that it could be operated with great ease and increasing accuracy. Ensuring approval of medical devices is no easy feat, and that usually means many stakeholders and multiple rounds of change. We designed the Storyboard specifically to facilitate the design iteration process, so that our clients can gain approval from their user interface designs much faster, and with less headache. "