The animal care market in Mexico went from 1,240 million dollars in 2012 to 1,988 million in 2018, and it is estimated that by 2022 it will reach 2,735 million, according to Euromonitor. Of all the pets in the country, dogs are the pet of choice 64 of the timeeces[one].

Mexico ranks second in the world with the highest number of pets; there is a place after Argentina, where seven out of every 10 households live with an animal[two].

Pets have become a part of life and families, and that is why many tools, applications and devices have been developed that allow their owners to see them, throw treats and even talk to them. The latest trends in technology and pets, such as those presented at theCES, include home cameras and games that, through connectivity, allow the owner to monitor pets remotely.[3] 

“The IoT has entered the pet market solving two basic concerns that are safety and health, said Gabriel Fernández, Product Director of IoT for AT & amp; T in Mexico. The essence of IoT is to provide visibility where it was not had before, with this the owners can rest easy because they can have the opportunity to know if their pet escapes from home and with the help of geolocation, they can know where to find it.”. 

In health matters, for example, owners can monitor the mood of their pets with IoT, in addition to encouraging their physical activity with devices such as aexercise wheel for cats. With it, felines who leave home little can increase their physical activity in a regulated and monitored manner.

This type of device, with the support of applications or smart watches, provides information on the activity carried out, calories burned and movement, indicating if the dog or cat is in a healthy state, if it is very active or needs to move more.

“The new trends are focused on monitoring and gathering information with equipment, sensors or accessories. The analysis of the data and monitoring of use will allow us to have more knowledge about the health, status and behavior of our colleagues, Fernández concluded.