Bluetooth de baja energia SIP

ISM20736S Bluetooth Low Energy SIP

The evaluation platformISMART4343-C IoT is an easy to use Arduino form factor, 3.3V shield. The ISMART4343-C Shield is assembled with the Inventek eS-WiFi module ISM4343-WBM-L54-C / U


It is a 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi combo SOC and classic Bluetooth and BLE that supports 802.11 b / g / n based on Cypress CYW4343 Radio, ST Microcontroller STM32F412 with 1 Meg of Flash and Antenna.


The ISMART Shield is an integrated wireless Internet connectivity platform for IoT development. It can be used as a standalone development board running Inventek IWIN: AT command software or Cypress WICED SDK. ISMART boards connect to a variety of microcontroller shields, such as ST Micro, Cypress PSOC, Analog Devices, Intel, and others. Sample projects are available from IWN Support IWIN - MCU reference designs.).


The ISMART shield is compatible with Inventek eS-WiFi modules that support our standard L44 and L54 compliant footprint. We recommend that all new designs use the L54 footprint.