LEDs CREE J Series® JR5050-6V Family CHIKIN - Value (SCIOLUX)
The Sciolux® board based on CREE® brand J Series® JR5050-6V family
J Series® JR5050-6V JR5050-6V LEDs, which provide us with
exceptional efficiency at a competitive cost,
breaking the barriers between medium and high power technology.
and high power technology.

The product is compatible with the secondary optics
KHATOD® secondary optics of the PLL2248® family (sold separately);
secondary optics offer different asymmetrical and symmetrical
asymmetrical and symmetrical distribution patterns (30º, 60º, 90º), which will provide additional
additional benefits to develop different applications more efficiently, with
different applications more efficiently, with excellent reliability and
excellent reliability and accuracy.

- Fast and reliable product development.
- Development of luminaires solving market needs at a competitive cost.
- Excellent light color consistency over LED distribution angle.
- High life projections L90 and L70, even in situations of thermal stress.
- Allows us to develop products in a compact format and combine different optics.
- Thermal conductivity based on UHT (Ultra High Thermal) MCPCB 2 W/m⋅k
- Compact system and compatible with different secondary optics of the KHATOD® PLL2248® family.

- Basic Street Lighting
- Industrial HighBay / Canopy