Color: 3k
CRI: 70


Data Sheet

SCMLLHE family are LED modules based on the CREE LED® J_Series® J5050 optimized for cost effective and high efficacy applications. SCMLL modules are compatible with third party optics from LEDIL® STRADA-IP-2x6, providing optimized and easy integration, with excellent quality, reliability and precision. 

- High efficacy 211lm/W and up to 10,789lm.
- Excellent LED color over angle consistency.
- LM-80 lifetime projections (IEC 62717) > 100,000 (L70B10)*
- Chromatic Deviation Δu’v’ < 0.003 @ 18K hr
- Unique and flexible form factor configuration.
- MPCB thermal conductivity 2 W/m.k based in UHT (Ultra High Thermal), Lead Free HASL, RoHS.

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