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Data Sheet A hybrid design of a black reflector and a lens for high visual comfort in various shapes. Part of LEDiL's Dark Light concept with UGR <16. Available also in white.
FLORENTINA-family has a hybrid design of black reflector and lenses built for high visual comfort applications. Being built around LEDiL's previously released optical designs it has
many different beam angles. Similarly to other LEDiL Dark Light products, it reduces unwanted glare efficiently, while maintaining the optical performance required by the
application. Complementing the package with FLORENTINA-OPEN, a stripped-down version of the original, to give you the full freedom for creating personalized luminaire
solutions. Available with black and white shades.
286 mm (1ft) long, linear 12X1 modules for LEDiL standard TINA and TINA2 lenses and up to 3535 size LED packages

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