Tecnología que ayuda a preever accidentes de tráfico (Traxio)

Ford is developing a digital road safety tool that could predict potential trouble spots, using data from sources such as connected vehicles and road sensors.
Ford has partnered with Vivacity Labs, Oxfordshire County Council and Loughborough University with support from Transport for London following funding from the British government's innovation agency, Innovate UK, and the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. United.
The initiative stems from extensive Ford research on how advanced data and analytics from connected vehicles can be used to improve urban mobility and road safety. This identified how relatively minor improvements could potentially address the problems.
A Ford-led consortium is developing an innovative road safety prediction tool that, using data from connected vehicles and smart road sensors, could help make city and town travel safer and easier.

Each year more than 1.3 million people die on the world's roads - around 3,700 every day - with road injuries the eighth leading cause of death worldwide. In addition to the human impact, accidents also have significant financial consequences. The UK Department for Transport estimates that the annual economic cost of road incidents is more than £ 35 billion.

The data-driven road safety tool will analyze information from connected vehicles, smart road sensors, and data from local authorities to predict likely locations and possible root causes of potential road safety hot spots. The knowledge gained will enable cities to take preventative measures to deal with roads and crossings that pose the greatest risks to road users.

Ford Mobility is working alongside partners including Oxfordshire County Council, AI sensor specialists Vivacity Labs, and leading academics from Loughborough University's Transportation Safety Research Center, with support from Transport for London. . The goal is to turn the tool into a solution that can benefit cities and road users around the world. The initiative has now received financial support from Innovate UK, the government-backed innovation fund.