¿Cómo limpiar un Panel Táctil Capacitivo?

This technical note describes the recommended cleaning and disinfection procedure for EDT capacitive touch panels. Government health authorities recommend cleaning and disinfecting the surface of the touchpad, as the coronavirus may remain for hours or days. This document covers products that have an integrated cover lens, including those with special surface coatings (anti-reflective (AR) / anti-glare (AG) / anti-digital footprint (AF).

Cleaning the touchpad of the EDT 

  1. To prepare for cleaning and disinfection of the touchpad, turn off the device (if possible) or make sure that the product can be put into service or cleaning mode.
  2. Avoid using large amounts of liquid and make sure that liquids cannot enter the product. Use wet wipes or a sprayed or damp cloth.
  3. Wet wipes or cloth should be smooth and non-abrasive to prevent damage to the surface and lining of the touchpad. 
  4. Clean the touchpad with a Z-motion, making sure the wipe or damp cloth is in contact with the entire surface.
  5. Allow the touchpad surface to dry before turning on the product.