VLC Perforante (Clamper)

VCL 275V 15kA Perforator // VCL 275V 20kA Perforator 

Surge protection device (DPS), 

Single pole, Class II (NBR IEC 61.643-1), of the 

voltage limiter type, consisting of zinc oxide varistor (MOV) 

associated with a thermal (over temperature) cut-off device 

electrical current. 

• Has a unique piercing connector that does not require 

conductor sectioning; 

• Compact dimensions; 

• Electromechanical signaling of operating status;


Protection of electro-electronic and electroprofessional equipment 

connected to the electrical network against 

atmospheric surges and/or maneuvers in the 

electrical system. 

Suitable for installation between phase/neutral, phase/earth or 

neutral/earth on distribution and command panels, 

especially where there is not enough space for the installation of the DPS IEC/NEMA standard.