Servicios de ADURA! Que es SinkPad?
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SinkPADTM is a PCB thermal management technology that allows the heat of an LED to be conducted to the atmosphere faster and more efficiently than a conventional MCPCB. SinkPADTM provides superior thermal performance for medium to high power LEDs. It is the most economical and scalable "Direct Thermal Path" MCPCB solution available for LED application.D.

SinkPADTM technology has magnitudes of higher thermal efficiency than even the best MCPCB on the market. SinkPADTM MCPCB is available with aluminum base metal or copper base metal. The aluminum-based SinkPADTM PCB can transfer heat at a rate of 210.0 W / mK and the copper-based SinkPADTM PCB can transfer heat at a rate of 385.0 W / mK Conventional MCPCBs have a heat transfer rate of 1-5 W / mK The way we can achieve this dramatic improvement is by creating a Direct Thermal Path from the LED to the base metal.